Karim Lakhani at C&T

Karim Lakhani is giving a great keynote at C&T about tracking innovation. He has worked with MatLab programming contests that have a fascinating format. There’s clear performance outcome; source code of all entries is available to other people; leaders are tracked. Researchers can track which lines of code get reused.

What leads to displacing the currently leading entry?
–novel code
–novel combos of others’ code
–NOT borrowed code
–NOT conformance

What leads code to get reused in future (leading) entries?
–novel code
–novel combos of others’ code
–borrowed code

Also did experiments with TopCoder.
One experiment with computational biology contest problem.
Three conditions (random assignment?):
Fully collaborative vs. fully competitive vs. mixed (competitive first week, then all code shared)
Fully collaborative got the best performance
Best performing entries did better than state-of-the-art in computational biology


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