Online Community Camp

I’m at an Online Community Camp.
“Camp” is the new word for conferences that are only loosely organized– people propose topics at the beginning of the day and people go to whatever seems interesting.

Who’s here:

  • Vendors
  • Consultants
  • Community managers, web producers at companies, non-profits, and media outfits
  • one student from Stanford, and me, reprenting academia

Topics they’re interested in:

  • how to change platforms; how to select platforms
  • How to quantify ROI, to justify and get resources
  • Some inteest in reputation
  • Using online communities for market research
  • Media wants audience to talk with each other, how to facilitate that
  • Multiple communities, how to not require multiple destinations, cross-site integration
  • Practical applications of Web 2.0– what’s hype vs. useful
  • How to apply social networking/myspace
  • Extracting/summarizing from online discussions
    –integration with corporate
  • Online/offline connection
  • Best practices across the board
  • Combining data from other sources about people with data from online communities.
  • Blogs and RSS vs. conventional discussion boards

About Paul Resnick

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