4.13 Future Meetings

There was widespread sentiment that this should not be the last get-together of this research network. Since we come from different fields, there is no natural choice of a larger meeting to which we might attach a workshop. Thus, it would probably have to be a stand-alone meeting. Attracting NSF funding will probably get more difficult as we get more established, so we may need to think about a meeting where most participants pay their own way. Another issue is how formal to make the meeting. This one was quite informal in terms of deadlines, selection processes, and to some extent the format of the program itself. There will be a natural tendency to become more formal, and it is not clear whether that tendency should be resisted. Michael Macy expressed some interest in trying to convene a meeting next year, or perhaps others would be interested as well. The organizers of this year’s meeting would be happy to serve in some role, but would like to see others step forward to take primary leadership.


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